ECCLE provides Continuing Legal Education (CLE) for lawyers, accountants, in-house counsels and graduates in law & economics across Europe. All educational programs are accredited in Member States and count towards the domestic requirements of CLE.


Based upon the U.S. tradition of advanced training, ECCLE seminars and training programmes are designed to ensure maximum interaction and the sharing of professional experiences among participants. 


ECCLE's  teaching methodology is peculiar in its "active learning" focus, through individual and minigroup work on court files, simulations, case-studies and authentic legal and business documents.


Through a number of seminars and training program across Europe, ECCLE aims to support the participants' effort towards the establishment of a genuinely "European" legal & business professional. ECCLE's programs combine the learning experience with a unprecedented opportunity of networking among young graduates, lawyers, notaries and accountants of all areas of Europe.