LAKE ISEO - Study visit to legal Italy (June 2018)


LAKE ISEO - Study visit to legal Italy (June 2018)

A 5-day study visit to combine the wonderful food, wine and art of Northern Italy with direct exposure to the Continental system of law and justice. The program will include:


• lectures on current developments in Italian and European law by:

- Dr. Stefano Maffei, Academic lawyer, University of Parma

- Prof. Michele Taruffo, the leading civil procedure authority in Europe and co-author with Prof. G. Hazard of the American Law Institute’s Proposed Rules for Transnational Civil Procedure.

- Prof. Michele Papa, Comparative criminal law expert, former Visiting Prof. at Columbia Law School


• observation of trials in the Brescia Court of first instance and court of appeal


• meeting with local judges and lawyers


• “legal English” day with EFLIT participants