OXFORD (UK) Summer program in Legal & Financial English (2024-XII edition)


OXFORD (UK) Summer program in Legal & Financial English (2024-XII edition)

One-week Summer Program in "Legal & Business English". 


The 2024 program - designed for law students, graduates, academic and practising lawyers, notaries and members of the judiciary - is a fantastic opportunity for education and networking, and it is based at Worcester College, University of Oxford.


In the past eleven editions (2011-23), this program attracted over 500 participants from 11 Countries including Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Croatia, the Czech republic, Germany and Ukraine.


In the 2024 edition, the program will offer a series of activities, including:


-professional language training;

-morning workshops with Stefano MAFFEI (academic lawyer), Claudia RICCI (a British linguist) Prisca BRADLEY (Solicitor, UK);

-afternoon "mini-group" sessions simulating the typical working day (drafting reports, working on case-files, corresponding with clients and colleagues) in cooperation with the Oxford-based law firm Knights Professional Services;

-One-to-one coaching and an exciting social program.


In 2024, the programme will be held during the week of August 26-31.


Download the information package and the interactive map of alumni below: